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The Jazz Exchange
Founder & Producer

THE JAZZ EXCHANGE is a mission driven organization that is committed to building communities through music. The JAZZ Exchange is a minority led organization that has gained recognition in the Tri-State area and internationally. The purpose of this organization is not only to create performance opportunities for musicians but also to connect with audiences around the world, cultivate and flourish youth development through music education, exposing our diverse communities to the public through video and audio. The Jazz Exchanges maintains the efforts to support our youth, artists, and music educators through virtual and online platforms that will continue to sustain the jazz community

Yardbird Logo.jpeg

Yardbird Entertainment

In 2019, two successful freelancing jazz musicians and educators decided to combine their resources and over 10 years of expertise to create one of the leading jazz entertainment companies. Saxophonist Abel Mireles and trombonist Peter Lin formed Yardbird Entertainment to help bridge the gap between the new jazz audience and the young professional artists. Through performance, education, and opportunities, we hope to cultivate a modern world that respects and honors jazz culture


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